Repair Online Reputation: 7 Tips to Have a Healthy Online Presence for Your Business

An online presence is absolutely essential for any business agency today. Websites, social media platforms, and review websites are just some of the many ways an individual can search and discover your business. However, your online presence can also be a tool to damage your business’ reputation, either by unfavorable reviews or social media mishaps. There are several steps to repair online reputation. The following is a list of 7 tips that any business owner can do to manage their online presence and ensure that it does not impact their site’s reputation:

  1. Reputation Monitoring

A successful business owner should know what people are saying about his or her company online. This is where reputation monitoring comes into place; it can be anything from using a Google Alert to monitor your name and brand online to installing something like Talkwalker on your site’s social media profiles. These tools allow you to track conversations happening about your company and immediately swoop in and resolve any issues that pop up with customers or potential clients. It will give you the opportunity to react swiftly before any negative sentiment begins festering online. Many reputable digital marketing agencies like Raleigh SEO does reputation monitoring to maintain a healthy reputation.

2 . Respond Promptly & Politely

Being prompt is key when handling customer service issues, especially those occurring over social media – such as Facebook walls and Twitter feeds. The best way to resolve a dispute with a customer is to politely ask for information relating to the situation, and then work it out from there. Try not to get too heated if you notice that someone has written a negative review about your product or service on a social media platform. Look into it, resolve any issues that pop up and then fix whatever was wrong in the first place instead of attacking them over their criticism.

3 . Take Negative Press In Stride

There will inevitably be situations where customers write up some unfavorable comments on a public forum such as Twitter or Facebook. Do not reply back with anything negative – this can only escalate the situation further and make things worse for you! Instead of reacting overtly, try using humor along with being positive. It will help diffuse the situation and show your customers that you are a professional business owner.

4 . Internet Archive

One of the best ways to stop negative reviews from negatively impacting your online reputation is simply by saving them. If an individual tries to damage your online existence with false accusations, screenshots can be used as evidence against their claims. This strategy works especially well for restaurants or services that use review websites – because any customer who has visited you recently will have experienced how well you run things, not necessarily what they say on some other site!

Screenshots do not only apply to stamping out lies; they can also work in securing testimonials and positive press about your company’s online presence. If you ever stumble across something particularly flattering or noteworthy, always take a screenshot and save it for future reference.

5 . Don’t Play Games With Reviews

Unfortunately, some businesses try to boost their online reputation through gimmicks such as artificially inflating reviews on review websites or asking employees to write positive things about the company on their LinkedIn profiles. It is frowned upon by internet users and will only backfire in the long run because of all the false ratings or desperate plea testimonies that you might have published – not to mention that it’s just downright dishonest!

6 . Act Life Your Company Is Open & Honest

People mostly appreciate honest opinions and open faces – so try to refrain from hiding behind a corporate veil when talking about your business online. Sharing industry news, commenting on trends, and participating actively in social media sites is a great way to engage with your potential customers and start a conversation about your brand or business.

7 . Keep A Check On Your Own Reputation

In this digital age, anyone can become famous overnight – that means that the people who choose to use their fame for evil can destroy your online reputation with just a few clicks on their smartphone! Monitoring what other users are saying about you on social media sites is an effective way of dealing with any negative press or comments before they spiral out of control. Make sure the tools you implement for tracking purposes will be discreet enough not to let anyone know that you’re watching…but also visible enough so people see your activity and realize your company cares about its online presence.


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